Re-imagining Paradise - Ecology of Mbweni Ruins and Gardens

Through guided tours and interactive seminar sessions, our community delved into the rich history and significance of the Mbweni Ruins & Gardens, gaining insights into its historical botanical treasures.

At 'Re-imagining Paradise - Ecology of Mbweni Ruins and Gardens', we invited our community to experience a full day of rediscovery journey of Mbweni Ruins & Gardens through exploration, seminar, and creative brainstorming against the backdrop of Zanzibar's Mbweni Ruins and Botanical Gardens.

Community members immersed themselves in the historic ruins and lush greenery, experiencing moments of reflection as they connected with the hidden gem of Zanzibar. Rooted in the history of Mbweni Ruins Gardens, our seminar aimed to foster a sense of stewardship and collective responsibility for preserving this cherished natural sanctuary.

🔗Morning Session: Meet the Gardens!

The day kicked off with a warm welcome amidst the ancient ruins, creating the perfect atmosphere for an enlightening exploration of the garden's historical significance. Attendees were treated to thought-provoking presentations on ​​the 17 gardens design at Mbweni Gardens, led by our esteemed facilitator, Ecologist and local hero Rob Wild, diving deep into the rich heritage and botanical wonders of Mbweni.

Then, we embarked on guided forest bathing and garden walk sessions, where members had the chance to connect with nature in a meaningful way while also learning about the diverse flora and fauna of Mbweni Botanical Gardens.

🔗Midday: Weekly Community Lunch

After our leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens, we gathered for a feast at our community lunch buffet, savoring the diverse flavors of local cuisine. From refreshing papaya salad, prawn curry, to freshly grilled King fish, and delightful Fish Burger, every dish was lovingly prepared by the talented kitchen team at Mbweni Ruins and Gardens Restaurant.

Inspired by the joy and camaraderie of this event, we're eager to uphold the tradition of 'Community Lunch' weekly, inviting all to join us for a buffet-style meal and fostering opportunities for networking and connection among our members.

🔗Afternoon Session: Garden Vision and Validation Workshop

In the afternoon, we gathered a focus group for the Garden Vision and Validation Workshop, led by esteemed facilitators Jojo Vávra from LIOS Labs. Amidst collaborative activities and lively discussions, participants explored innovative ideas to enhance the garden's ecological significance while honoring its rich heritage. The workshop sparked creativity and forward-thinking, inspiring everyone to envision a sustainable future for Mbweni Ruins Gardens.

This event truly reflects the commitment of Mbweni Team and LIOS Labs to promote ecological awareness and sustainable practices within our community. With each step forward, we pledge to carry the spirit of collaboration and determination, ensuring that Mbweni remains an inspiration for generations to come.

We warmly invite you all to join us for our upcoming seminars and workshops on various topics. Remember, you're always welcome here at Mbweni Ruins Gardens, where the spirit of discovery and collaboration thrives.

🔗Our Facilitators

​Jojo Vávra

​​​Curator, cultural ecologist, and community weaver. As a co-founder of LIOS Labs and the onEarth foundation, she serves as a committed agent of systemic change through the integration of life-centric culture, art, and technology.

​​​Rob Wild

​​​Ecologist and sociologist with over 35 years of experience of working with communities at protected areas in Africa, Caribbean, and Europe. Learning from the guardians of sacred places in nature to help shape global nature conservation policy over Sacred Natural Sites. Living in Zanzibar for 15 years, since 1995.